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Buffalo Seminary Students at an Art Gallery


Dance, theatre, music, and visual artsThese are the means by which we define and expand human experience. The arts fill our need for meaning, build bridges to past generations, transcend present and cultural differences, and allow us to conceive the future. Through them we are able to understand, conserve, and change what we are. They are tools for revelation, preservation, and revolution. Because they are an inseparable part of humanity, the arts are fundamental to any education.

The Fine and Performing Arts Program at Buffalo Seminary is designed to promote the students' growth through the arts in two ways: first, through the study of the history and philosophy of artistic expression; and, second, through performance, that is, through active participation in art, music, theatre, and dance.

The study of history and philosophy opens for the student the richness of the past, the wisdom of diverse cultures, and the possibilities of new ways of thinking and acting.

Performance requires the student to test her limits, explore her potential, and discover her possibilities. Performance is the nexus of thinking, feeling, and action. Here the student must confront the thinking process within herself and move toward self-realization.

Students have an opportunity to select from a rotating list of electives, click here to view the courses.